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KWICKSEAL™ AT, KWICKSEAL™ BT & KWICKSEAL™ NEO are self-adhesive modified polymer tapes that bonds extremely well with metal surfaces and seals joints to prevent leaks within the body. The tapes are covered with poly-aluminium foil that protects the adhesive from UV rays and makes the tape last long.

KwickSeal™ BT

KWICKSEAL™BT is a self-adhesive sealing tape consisting of a high performance butyl rubber adhesive compound, protected by a reinforced alluminium film….

KwickSeal™ At

KWICKSEAL™AT is a cold-applied, flexible, rubberized bitumen-based sealing tape. It is a two-layered 1.5mm polymer bitumen waterproofing layer…

KwickSeal™ NEO

KWICKSEAL™ NEO is a completely waterproof, cold applied, highly flexible, rubberized adhesive compound, protected by a poly-aluminium membrane…