Rubberized Elastomeric Waterproof Liquid Coating

RUBBERIZED ELASTOMERIC WATERPROOF LIQUID COATING, KWICKCOAT RB 510 is cold applied liquid waterproofing membrane, specially designed with special blend of Resin and Rubber, reinforced with special water repelling fillers, minerals stabilizers and gelling agent. 

Product Benefits

easy and direct

Cold applied application no pre heating required

seamless coating

Without any joints

corrosion resistant

Corrosion resistant and vapour barrier


Provides an impervious waterproofing membrane that protects concrete structure and brick foundations against chloride and sulphate ions present in soils and water

Product Features

Available in Kg, 5Kg, 10kg, plastic bucket, 20 kg pails and 50 kg plastic drums . 50kg & 200 kg barrel.