Crack filling & Corner tapes

KWICKSEAL™ GT is the perfect choice to seal cracks during waterproofing as well as protect
corners in wet areas. The butyl rubber adhesive sticks firmly on cement-based surfaces and the geotextile top surface helps to bond with subsequent coating, thin set adhesive or angle fillet mortar. KWICKSEAL GT being a butyl based self-adhesive tape performs extremely well where flexibility and durability is essential. 

KwickSeal™ GT

KWICKSEAL™ GT is a self adhesive butyl tape with non woven polyester/polypropylene fleece top and bottom with butyl adhesive, adhesive which is designed to create waterproof and vapor-tight joints. It has excellent adhesion on metals, glass, pvc, timber, concrete, cement bonded particle boards, drywalls, ceramics, masonry porous and non-porous surfaces and createwaterproof and vapor-tight joints.