kwickseal™ GT

Self Adhesive Butyl Non-Woven Tape

KWICKSEAL™ GT is a self adhesive butyl tape with non woven polyester/polypropylene fleece top and bottom with butyl adhesive, adhesive which is designed to create waterproof and vapor-tight joints. It has excellent adhesion on metals, glass, pvc, timber, concrete, cement bonded particle boards, drywalls, ceramics, masonry porous and non-porous surfaces and create waterproof and vapor-tight joints. The top fleece bonds excellently with paint, coatings, plaster and other adhesives.

Product Benefits


Excellent adhesion and instantly watertight.


Excellent cold fexibility up to -25°C and maximum 80°C.

Cold applied

Eliminates fire hazards during application.


Installs easily without any tar, torches, mops, glues or fasteners.

Saves time

Saves time, material, labour and utility cost.


Multipurpose and multi-surface application.

Product Features

All variants have standard thickness of 1mm and length of 10 meters/roll.