kwickseal™ bt

Self Adhesive Butyl Rubber Sealing Tape

KWICKSEAL™ BT is a self-adhesive sealing tape consisting of a high performance butyl rubber adhesive compound, protected by a reinforced alluminium film. It is highly adhesive even at low temperatures to all common building materials and highly resistant to UV rays. The bottom side of KWICKSEAL™ BT is covered with an easily removable protective film. KWICKSEAL™ BT is a convenient way to seal various cracks and joints. It can also be used for insulating junctions for roofing repairs and HVAC. KWICKSEAL™ BT is specially designed for sealing substrates like metals, concrete, wood, glass and plastic (TPO, PP, PE).

Product Benefits


Excellent adhesion and instantly watertight.


Excellent cold flexibility up to -25°C and maximum 80°C.

Heat resistant

Can be exposed to elements indefinitely. Versatile flashing around exterior protrusions


Resistant to ageing and to UV rays.


Installs easily without any tar, torches, mops, glues or fasteners.

Saves time

Saves time, material, labour and utility cost.


Multipurpose and multi-surface application.

Product Features

All variants have standard length of 10meters/ roll

Product application