KWICKSEAL™ GT is a one of its kind product that can protect PVC, CPVC and flexible pipes from damage by its heavy-duty butyl rubber coating. KWICKSEAL™ GT has a heavy-duty polypropylene spunbonded geofabric surface that protects the pipe from rupture as well as makes the pipe bond well with cementitious mortars. Specially used in floor traps and pipes passing through core cut areas.

KwickSeal™ GT

KWICKSEAL™ GT is a self adhesive butyl tape with non woven polyester/polypropylene fleece top and bottom with butyl adhesive, adhesive which is designed to create waterproof and vapor-tight joints. It has excellent adhesion on metals, glass, pvc, timber, concrete, cement bonded particle boards, drywalls, ceramics, masonry porous and non-porous surfaces and createwaterproof and vapor-tight joints.