Water proofing & restoration

KWICKFELT™ PP 300, KWICKFELT™ PP 500, KWICKFELT™ HDPEPRE1.2S & KWICKSEAL™ GT are unique, long-lasting, sustainable and high-quality waterproofing products under the KWCKFIX brand. KWICKFELT™ PP300/500 are multi-purpose waterproofing membrane systems that are used widely in new construction, repairs and restoration projects for successful results. KWICKFELT™ HDPEPRE1.2S is a heavy-duty multi-ply HDPE membrane for building raft waterproofing that lasts for decades and enhances longevity to the building foundation. KWICKSEAL™ GT is a multi-purpose butyl sealing tape with geotextile that can bond with almost all building materials and be used to seal corners, joints, cracks, pipes and gaps in different phases of construction.

KwickSeal™ GT

KWICKSEAL™ GT is a self adhesive butyl tape with non woven polyester/polypropylene fleece top and bottom with butyl adhesive…


KWICKFELT™ PP is a flexible, all purpose , multiple ply waterproofing membrane based on a combination of selected synthetic polymer raw materials…


KWICKFELT HDPE PRE 1.2 S is a pre-applied multilayer compound waterproof membrane composed
of strong high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet…