kwickseal™ NEO

Rubberized High-Adhesive Flashing Tape

KWICKSEAL™ NEO is a completely waterproof, cold applied, highly flexible, rubberized adhesive compound, protected by a poly-aluminium membrane. It is highly adhesive even at low temperatures to almost all building materials. The poly-aluminium membrane protects the flexible adhes ive from UV rays and ageing.The bottom side of KWICKSEAL™ NEO is covered with an easily removable protective film. KWICKSEAL™ NEO is a do-it-yourself product to seal various joints, junctions and intersections even on extremely smooth surfaces. KWICKSEAL™ NEO is specially designed for economical sealing from ingress of air and water in pipes, tarpaulin, liners, plastic tanks, roofing sheets and automobile bodies.Its thin layer can take shapes of bends and corners to give excellent performance as a waterproofing material in construction and roofing industry. 

Product Benefits


Excellent adhesion and instantly watertight.


Excellent cold fexibility up to -25°C and maximum 80°C.

Heat resistant

Can be exposed to elements indefinitely. Versatile flashing around exterior protrusions

anti ageing

Eliminates fire hazards during application.


Installs easily without any tar, torches, mops, glues or fasteners.

Saves time

Saves time, material, labour and utility cost.


Multipurpose and multi-surface application.

Product Features

It has standard length of 10 meters/roll